The Buzz: Family Faith Formation

famfaithThe Way Its Always Been? Parishes hired children’s faith formation directors and educators who trained catechists in order to ensure that the parish could provide first-rate faith formation to their children. While this shift told families that churches care about children by having amazing programs, it also told parents that they don’t have to worry about instilling faith in their kids. The implied message is: “Send your kids to us to be formed in faith.”

But the problem is that one effect of this shift has been the erosion of the family as the place where faith formation has happened for centuries and centuries. The family should be the primary place where children learn to follow Jesus. This is consistent with what we proclaim in the Baptismal Liturgy: the parents are the child’s first and ultimately most important teacher, especially when it comes to faith formation. 

The Way It Needs to Be. Family Faith Formation is the process for families with children to be the “first and foremost educations of their children.” Our purpose is to aid families as they grow in their love and knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Family formation is a way of life. It provides parents with the tools needed not only to teach their faith, but to live it. Come check out Sacred Heart’s new Wednesday Family Faith Formation.