A Special Look at the Women of Jerusalem

Looking for another way to enrich your Lenten journey? Join us on Tuesday, March 20th, at 7:00 pm in the church for an evening of meditation and reflection centered on the “Women of Jerusalem.” Through word, music, and meditation, we will look at Jesus’ journey to the Place of the Skull from the viewpoint of the women whose lives had been impacted by the words and actions of Jesus.

If you’ve never attended this event, see what two of our parishioners who’ve had a role in the past had to say.

Through the Eyes of Cheryl Cabrera…
For me, the “Women of Jerusalem” gives a very personal insight on reflection, of what the women of that time might have witnessed during Jesus’ sentencing and crucifixion. It’s like an exclusive “behind the scenes” narrated journey, allowing me to hear their most intimate thoughts at that time. This year will be the third in which I have participated in the “Women of Jerusalem”. Prior to that, I had neither known much about it, nor understood exactly what it entailed. Reading the scripted parts, rehearsing and preparing with others, and finally participating in the night of the event, brings me to a whole different level of understanding of the Stations of the Cross. This at times can be very emotional. The actual solemn event can be very personal — not just for me and the other participants, but for those who come to witness it. My perspective of this event is that is allows witness to the heartfelt thoughts and emotions of those women present at the time of Jesus’ sentencing and crucifixion. And to feel the deepest sorrow, compassion, and empathy these women had for Jesus as they each reflect on how Jesus impacted them; or someone they loved. I have graciously embraced my participation in the “Women of Jerusalem”, which continues to provide me a very personal glimpse and view to such a momentous event. The individual scripts can become personal reflections to every individual in some way or another, allowing us to truly feel, understand and embrace, in our own way — a different way — of how much Jesus loves us all.

An Interview with Janet Pacheco-Hodges…
The Meditation format of “Women of Jerusalem” is different than the Stations of the Cross. How so?
The meditation is not a devotional walk to each station but rather what may have happened as seen through the eyes of the Women of Jerusalem as Jesus walked to his death.

In the meditation format there is a narrator and there is music after each response. How difficult is it to take on a role?

For me, it wasn’t difficult at all. I’ve read a little about most of the “Women of Jerusalem,” so I knew their story. I’ve been honored to be asked to take on three different roles. As a daughter, sister, mother and wife it’s been easy to take on different roles.

From what you recall, what is happening in “Women of Jerusalem?”

It is the journey seen through the eyes of various women in the life of Jesus, as he walked the road to Calvary. These women are hidden in the shadows — being afraid to approach Jesus. But, they find a way.

Are there certain things that happen in “Women of Jerusalem” that helped you in your Lenten prayer and growth?

Yes, in reading and listening to the various women and their connection to Jesus it reminds me how thankful we are of Jesus’ sacrifices. I try to be more forgiving, grateful and loving. I find myself asking what more I can do. During Lent I have learned it’s not always what we give up but rather what we can do better. It gives me strength and empowers me to do more.

Any additional thoughts?

I hope that our parish continues with the meditation of the “Women of Jerusalem.” It’s a beautiful reflection of what the women may have experienced as they watched Jesus on his journey towards his crucifixion. So many times women are in the background; this meditation puts women in a light to be seen and heard.

Come, listen, and pray. This event, open to all parishioners, is another way to make it the best Lent ever.