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Christmas Collection for Those in Need

Christmas Collection for Those in Need

Several of our ministries are teaming together to help those less fortunate this Christmas season and we need your support!  Join us on Saturday, Dec 12th from 10 am – 12 pm at our Sacred Heart North Campus (3515 N. Florida Ave. ) for our final donation drive of the year! This is a drive-through event, so there is no need to leave your car! PLUS, you have the opportunity to say hello to our friars!

Bring any of the items listed below to help a handful of charitable organizations providing essential services within our Community.
– Our Catholic Council of Catholic Women is collecting in support for the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, St. Vincent de Paul, and Salvation Army.
– Our Young Professionals Ministry is collecting support of St. Vincent de Paul.
– Our Open Doors Ministry is collecting in support of Foster Angels.

Items Most Needed:

  • Men’s or Women’s Underwear, including T-shirts, underpants
  • Men’s or Women’s Socks
  • Light Blankets
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Tooth Brushes and Toothpaste
  • Disposable Shaving Razors
  • Toys for children all ages
  • Gifts for Teenagers
    – Dove Body Set (Girls and Boys)
    – Axe Body Set (Boys)
    – Shea Moisture Butter
    – Nail Polish Set
    – Socks
    – Gift Cards (Walmart, Target, Visa, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A)

Suggestions on where to purchase “Budget Friendly” items:

Target – You can order online and pick up without leaving your car. Prices listed below reflect regular prices, not reduced.

  • 10 pack of women’s underwear is $10
  • 6 pack of women’s socks is $9
  • Lightweight “twin” blankets $10
  • 8 pack men’s Underwear $13.99
  • 10 pack men’s ankle socks or crew socks $9.99

Walmart – You can order online and pick up without leaving your car. Prices listed below reflect regular prices, not reduced.

  • 6 pack of women’s Underwear $7.99
  • 8 pack of women’s socks $8.97
  • Lightweight blankets $5.88
  • 6 pack of men’s underwear $9.33
  • 12 pack of ankle or crew socks $9.97

See Your Friars AND Help Our Community

During this pandemic, we can’t forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. Hopefully, you have read in the bulletin and in our parish emails about the different ministries here at Sacred Heart working with Catholic Charities to help feed the homeless in our community. Our ministries have been preparing breakfast bags and dropping them off every Sunday morning for those living in the Hillsborough Hope tent city. And all the food that we are using to prepare the breakfast bags has been provided by the generosity of you – our parishioners. We asked for your help, and the day before Palm Sunday, we had a collection drive and collected more than 5,700 fruit cups, cookies, breakfast bars, crackers, and snacks, along with 755 juice boxes.

We are going to have another collection drive for the guests of Hillsborough Hope, so mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 9, from 10 a.m. – noon for our next Twiggs Street drive-by collection.  Items needed include:

  • Box of individual fruit cups
  • Box of individual snack crackers
  • Bath towels (gently used okay)
  • Hygiene & toiletries items (not necessary to be travel size, just the smallest size)
  • Laundry detergent (bulk over quality)
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Boxes of individual drink products (fruit juice, Capri Sun, etc)
  • Coffee condiments: creamer, sugar, and Nutrasweet/aspartame packets
  • Large water bottles: refillable bottles