Bereavement Care

No two people have the same experience of grief. Sharing our experiences brings a new appreciation for the relationship we had and will have to come. Bereavement Care seeks to offer strength, compassion, help, healing, and hope through prayerful reflection, meditative exercise, and the opportunity to share in the common bond of loss.

If you feel called to help provide a safe and prayerful place, if you have a talent for listening, comforting, and showing compassion, understanding, and encouragement to others, Bereavement Care might just be for you.

  • Time Commitment:  Once a month, for at least a year.
  • Responsibilities:  Attending each session as well as being attentive to the hopes and sorrows expressed by members of the group. Confidentiality is required.
  • Training:  Offered for all ministry members, it includes tips and practices for maintaining open discussion, growing your personal reflection and prayer life, and learning to be an active listener.


Pam Ferron
Staff Liaison