Prison Ministry

Sacred Heart has a Prison Ministry that serves the spiritual and religious needs of Catholic inmates in our local Hillsborough County jails, as well as other inmates seeking to know about the Catholic faith and way of life. Through coordination with the Diocesan Jail Ministry, we conduct prayer and communion services several times a month.

If you feel called, whether through personal experience or a need to offer support, and if you have a talent for listening, offering inspiration, and showing compassion for others, our Prison Ministry might just be for you.

  • Time Commitment:  Varies, but typically several times a month (always on Mondays).
  • Responsibilities:  Providing friendship, inspiration, and spiritual enrichment to those incarcerated within the county.
  • Training:  Required for all who participate in this Ministry. Participants must be pre-screened and obtain all clearances through the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.


Pam Ferron
Staff Liaison