Annual Pastoral Appeal

The 2017 Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) is almost complete, and we need you to help us reach our goal! 

APA is a way for the parish to raise funds to pay for necessary services we depend upon and that the Diocese of St. Petersburg provides. It helps fund essential items such as human resources, insurance of all kinds, employee benefits, accounting, payroll, information technology, training, and all manner of legal
/compliance work. It helps take over the business aspect of running a parish because the mission of a parish is not to run a
business. The mission of a parish is to be 
the place where people belong and are
 welcomed, where we worship together, where we are filled with the grace of the 
Eucharist, and where we go out into our 
lives to be a light of Hope in our local 
communities. What does APA do for us?
 It lets our friars do their part of the mission. It lets priests be priests. For you.


Campaign Goal: $285,726
Giving to Date: $253,048
(as of 9/18/2017)

Why should you give? 
As good and faithful servants of God and each other, we are called each year to participate in the Annual Pastoral Appeal, the yearly campaign for the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Each of us individually, along with each parish and mission, is asked to use the gifts that God has given us to help support diocesan operations, services, and ministries that in turn meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of thousands of people throughout our larger community of faith. We recognize that we are part of something greater and are called to act in the world to build up the Body of Christ.

Are you ready to give?
There are several ways you can give that may be convenient for you, including APA envelopes, online giving, or through PayPal.

APA Envelopes
All registered parishioners have received materials by USPS, including a donation envelope. In addition, there will be envelopes available in the pews of the church. You can make a one-time donation or establish a monthly giving plan. You can donate using checks, cash, credit card, or a deduction from your checking account. Simply fill out the materials and drop it into the offertory basket on “APA Sunday,” February 25th/26th (or at any Mass in the coming weekends). You can even drop it off at the Parish Office or at the Sacred Heart Gift & Book Store or put a stamp on it and mail it directly to the Diocese.

Online Giving
Through the diocesan APA Online Giving page, you can choose a one-time donation, or set up planned giving through a series of monthly donations. You will be able to pay by credit card or have the donation deducted directly from your checking account.

If you have not previously given through the diocesan Online Giving program, you’ll need to “Create a New Account” first. Instructions are provided on the site to walk you through each step. Please remember to select “Sacred Heart Parish Tampa,” as there are two other parishes with the same name in Pinellas Park and Dade City.

This year, we are also offering an additional ways to make one- time donations. You can use PayPal by using the button above on this same page. There is no need to create an account. Just click and give.

Are you looking for giving guidelines?
If you gave last year, would be able to match last year’s gift – or maybe even increase the amount? If you did not give last year, would you be able to give at least $150?

2017 Annual Pastoral Appeal from Diocese of St. Petersburg on Vimeo.