Friar Reflections


  • Our Livestream Mass is Moving October 16, 2020 - Over the last several months, we’ve brought our Sunday Mass into your homes through Facebook Live, but this weekend, you’ll be able to view our online Mass through Vimeo each and every Sunday. While you’ve been staying safe at home, we’ve been busy upgrading our cameras, our sound equipment, and the technology we use to … Read More Our Livestream Mass is Moving
  • Meet Our New Friars October 15, 2020 - You may have seen some new faces here at Sacred Heart over the last few weeks! We are excited to announce our four new friars – Fr. Stephen, Br. Henry, Fr. Ron, and Fr. Mike. Watch their videos below to learn more about them, and make sure you welcome them the next time you see … Read More Meet Our New Friars
  • Saying Thanks and Farewell to Fr. George September 5, 2020 - Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to one of our friars who has been with us here at Sacred Heart for over 13 years. But say goodbye we must, even during a pandemic. SAVE THE DATE We hope you’ll join us on¬†Saturday, Sept. 19, at the North Campus Auditorium, from 2:30-4:30 p.m. for a social-distancing … Read More Saying Thanks and Farewell to Fr. George

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