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  • Easter Memorials & Tributes March 30, 2018 - The flowers displayed in our Sanctuary for the Easter Season have been given in remembrance or honor of loved ones whose names are listed on the following pages. Click here for a complete list of names and tributes.
  • Journey With Us This Holy Week March 26, 2018 - Holy Week is a journey into the Heart of the Gospel. We hope that you will make room for God during your busy life as it intersects with this Holy Week. It is a matter of the heart. It is at the center of our Christian Faith. If you’ve never attended the events of Holy … Read More Journey With Us This Holy Week
  • Join Our Last Soup Supper This Friday March 20, 2018 - For Catholics around the world, Lent and meatless meals go hand in hand. But if you’re not exactly hooked on fish, there is an alternative. Give it up for soup. For Sacred Heart, Lenten Soup Suppers have become a Friday night tradition. They not only provide parishioners with an opportunity to observe their meat-free Fridays, … Read More Join Our Last Soup Supper This Friday

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