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Welcome! We are excited that you would like to register with us here at Sacred Heart!

Sacred Heart is reliant on the stewardship of its “active parishioners.” To us, registration means making a commitment to worship with us, to be active in ministry, and to contribute financially, so that you have a deeply faith-oriented sense of belonging to our Catholic community here in downtown Tampa.  And as a welcoming parish, we love having the opportunity to meet and get to know all of our parishioners, but in turn we also want you to get to know us.

READ: What it means to to be an Active Parishioner at Sacred Heart
  • An active parishioner is a person who attends Mass regularly (at least 75% of all Sundays) at Sacred Heart Church. Parents who want a Catholic Faith Formation and Education for their children will see to it that their family attends Mass faithfully and participates in parish activities.
  • An active parishioner gives of themselves by donating Time and Talent to the ministries of the parish and/or to the volunteer organizations that support the parish. We are to share in the responsibilities that keep our parish alive in a vibrant way through our ministries.
  • An active parishioner is a good financial steward of the church. As a parishioner, it is important to understand that giving financially to support the parish is a vital and key component to active parishioner status.
  • An active parishioner is registered in the parish for one year before making a request for marriage.

Did you know? | You do not have to register at Sacred Heart to celebrate marriage here. That’s right! If you choose to register at the parish near your home, you can schedule your wedding date now. Contact Jennifer Williams in the Parish Office for more information. | Email | 813-229-1595, ext. 220

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