Parking at Sacred Heart

Normal Weekend Parking:
During Mass times on Saturday and Sunday, parishioners are invited to park in the locations listed below, free of charge:

Parking Garage
Located next door to the church, access is available on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings for regular weekend parish Masses and has graciously been made available to parishioners by the Madison Building. The garage access for vehicles is off of Florida Avenue, immediately before you reach the church. Once you have parked, please return to the ground floor via the elevators within the garage. Pedestrian access to/from the garage is available via the lobby doors on Madison Street, which are open to provide access to the elevators and the various levels of the parking garage.

  • Parking without charge is only for Saturday Vigil / Sunday Masses and only for the duration of the Mass. They do understand coffee and donuts occurs after the 9:00 am Mass, however, if you go to breakfast or a downtown event, please pay the posted rates.
  • From Monday morning until the Vigil Mass on Saturday, there is no free parking. If you come for daily Mass, meetings in the parish office, funerals, weddings, etc., please pay the posted rates.
  • And…please do not park in a spot marked as RESERVED be it weekday or weekend. Also if there is an orange cone blocking any spot, please do not move the cone and park there.

On Street Parking
Unless marked otherwise, on-street parking near the church is free during weekends (do not assume a weekday holiday is included – the meter will either accept or not accept payment – that is your clue). The city traditionally has a “church zone” where meters are not enforced on weekends. This zone is reported to be “north of Kennedy and south of Cass, east of Franklin and west of Morgan.” This grace does not apply during the week, e.g. Ash Wednesday or regular noontime masses; you must “feed the meter.” Note “north of Kennedy” literally means that. Parking on Kennedy without “feeding the meter” will result in ticketing by the city.

717 Parking Lot
This lot, located at the corner of N. Florida Ave. and E. Kennedy Blvd., is open to the public at all times, but for weekend Masses, Sacred Heart parishioners are invited to park there without charge (for the duration of the Mass; if you remain downtown to eat or enjoy a special event, please pay the posted rates). There are times when employees of 717 Parking are collecting fees for parking due to special events downtown, especially on Saturday evenings in the Spring – at those times please take advantage of the Parking Garage described above. It is important to note that our courtesy agreement does not include any day other than a Saturday or Sunday – in other words, e.g., if Christmas falls on a Friday, please do not expect to park there for free (unless you hear from the parish)

Additional Parking Considerations:

  • The 717 Parking Lot across the street from the church is not available for free parking at any time. Please feel free to park there, but you will need to pay the posted rates.
  • The median of the bus parkway on Marion St. is not a legal area for parking. You may be ticketed, and there are safety concerns for you, your passengers, and the buses using the parkway.
  • The parking lot at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is for their members only. Please do not park there.