Sacred Heart offers opportunities for giving in a couple of different ways:

  1. Online Giving
  2. Traditional Offertory Envelopes

Both giving options allow for parishioners to give weekly or monthly to the offertory, the maintenance and restoration fund of our historic church, and tuition assistance for Catholic education throughout the Diocese of St. Petersburg, as well as for special collections.

Online-Giving-Logo-ColorOnline Giving
Online giving is a way for parishioners to donate through electronic means, either with credit card or bank transfer, in a safe, secure way. There are two ways to give online:

Ongoing Giving
If you are interested in features beyond what a “quick” gift offers, you can also set up an account with the Online Giving platform to:

  • Set up recurring offerings to more than one fund (Weekly Offertory, Maintenance, etc.).
  • Schedule giving for future dates.
  • Store payment methods for future use.
  • Track past and present giving.
  • Receive future contribution reminder emails.
  • View and print giving history reports.

Quick Give
Quick Give is an easy-to-use, quick means of contributing a one-time gift or donation towards a specific parish fund, such as Church Restoration and Maintenance. These “quick” gifts are processed immediately, and your information is not stored by the Online Giving platform.

Traditional Offertory Envelope
If online giving is not an option for you, Sacred Heart also offers church offering envelopes on a monthly basis for registered parishioners.