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Parent Feedback

Phone calls to parents who did not respond to the survey that we sent through Flocknote. We wanted the parents’ feedback on the Faith Formation materials and resources being sent out.
Laureen Young said she has not downloaded the CLOW and Gospel Weeklies handouts. It’s too much material for them right now because they are overwhelmed with all the schoolwork. The kids and Laureen loved the short, animated videos we sent during Holy Week and they love seeing the Friars on the online Mass and daily reflections. She suggested that catechists make short videos to send to the families so the children can see their catechists. The family is doing well and her husband’s business is hurting but they are surviving.

Mrs. Hale said she doesn’t use the materials we emailed because she’s overwhelmed with the boy’s schoolwork. They watch the online Mass and pray the rosary together.

Heather Agazzi said she is overwhelmed with work, children’s schoolwork, parenting, cooking, cleaning, etc. Has no time to use the CLOW and Gospel Weeklies materials, think it’s too much and doesn’t want anymore sent to her.