SHConfirmation2015-0353Sacred Heart offers preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation for the youth of our registered and active families. Sessions are held throughout the year, from September through May, with the reception of the Sacrament celebrated during the spring.

Please note: The Diocese of St. Petersburg requires at least two years of consecutive Faith Formation, whether in a Catholic parochial school or parish Faith Formation program, prior to the celebration of the Sacraments.

Youth Confirmation Workshops
Our sons and daughters are expected and required to attend the scheduled workshops throughout the year. Workshops are typically held on Tuesday evenings, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Parents participate in these workshops as well. Attendance of all workshops is required – including the overnight retreat. The schedule, handbook and other materials are provided upon acceptance of the registration.

Sacramental preparation programs are parish-based and those sacraments should be celebrated with the faith community in which the entire family worships and belongs. Sometimes it is the celebration of an important sacrament that becomes the catalyst for a family to re-connect with parish life. In such cases, it is important that the family connect with their local parish, nurture their involvement, and establish relationships with other parish families and households that will be sustaining for the whole family in the years after the celebration of a sacrament.

For some it will indeed be Sacred Heart – but if you are not registered or active in a parish – please inquire about one of the many wonderful sacramental preparation programs at a parish close to home. Build the parochial ties that last for a lifetime!

Program Fee
In order to cover the costs of curriculum and supplies for workshops and retreats, the parish has established the following program fees for in-parish youth:

  • Confirmation: $150.00 / child

Parental Information
We ask that parents attend the orientation session that explains the preparation process and serves as a great chance to meet other parents and ask questions.  The date for the session is included with the materials mentioned above. The session must be attended by at least one parent desiring to enroll their child(ren) for preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation during the 2019-2020 Catechetical Year.

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed in all sorts of roles:

  • Catechists and assistants
  • Office staff
  • Hospitality
  • Administrative and more

If you love working with children and admire their eagerness, curiosity, and playful spirit, and you love sharing your faith with others, our Faith Formation ministries might just be for you.

  • Time Commitment:  As scheduled throughout the traditional school year:
    • Sacramental Preparation: Monthly workshops, retreats, and various catechist meetings.
  • Responsibilities:  Varies depending on the activities you choose to participate in during the year, but could include:
    • Leading or supporting weekly or monthly classes or workshops
    • Putting together lesson plans
    • Providing snacks or refreshments
    • Clerical support as needed
  • Training:  Training is provided by the parish along with all materials needed. Please note: the Diocese of St. Petersburg requires background checks with fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training for all who participate in ministry with children.




Barbara Ferreris
Director of Faith Formation