Social Justice Committee

To be faithful to their own vocation, our Friars immerse themselves in the concrete situations of the people among whom they live. They discover in them the different faces of Christ. The same can be said for the parishioners of Sacred Heart. members of a diverse and dynamic downtown community.

Sacred Heart’s Social Justice Committee, a branch of the greater Franciscan devotion to JPIC, or Justice, Peace, and the Integrity for Creation, works alongside the friars to educate themselves and the parish on the who, what, when, where and why of social justice issues and how the faithful can respond by examining Catholic social teaching, Pope Francis’ encyclical Fratelli Tutti, and the Gospel.

  • Time Commitment: Meetings are generally held one to two times a month in Alumni Hall at Sacred Heart’s North Campus.
  • Responsibilities: Attend the monthly gatherings and taking an active role in group activities and discussions.
  • Training: No training required, just a willingness to participate, educate and be open to enlightenment.
  • Contact:
NEW | Come As You Are: A Special Lenten Program from the SJC

Lent is the journey we take as Catholics to prepare for Easter. We prepare by reflecting on the Word, and especially on how “He became poor although He was rich, so that by His poverty you might become rich.” (2 Cor. 8:9) A key element of this journey is examining our relationship to those who are marginalized within our community.

This Lent, Sacred Heart’s Social Justice Committee will offer a series of five caring small group conversations to learn about social justice issues impacting different areas within our community as an accompaniment to your Lenten journey. The SJC invites you to join a group, share fellowship and “Come As You Are,” with an open heart and mind to reflect on how we can approach the difficulties our brothers and sisters are facing through Catholic social teaching, love, and empathy. These small group sessions will be followed by a final meeting at which all groups will join together and share what they have learned.

The program is open to all parishioners. If you are interested in joining a small group, or would like more information regarding the SJC’s Lenten program, please contact the committee via email, or click here.

Fr. Steve Kluge, OFM
Staff Liaison