Annual Pastoral Appeal

Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA)

Sacred Heart’s 2019 Goal: $327,615 and we raised $287,580 with 395 of 2,400 households contributing

In 2019, Sacred Heart began our move toward becoming a full stewardship parish. We did take time during our Sunday liturgies to advocate for your Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) contributions – that doesn’t mean we did not have an APA goal, just that we will depended upon our parishioners to continue their support of the Diocesan offices, programs, and mission. The shortfall was made up from Offertory.

Sacred Heart’s 2020 Goal: $336,345

What is APA?

Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA): APA is just the marketing campaign for the “diocesan parish assessment.” APA was meant to help the parishes raise monies in support of the diocesan ministries, larger scale projects of compassion, Catholic Charities, and support of diocesan seminaries. The assessment is a bill. How we “campaign” is up to the parish. We decided that support of the diocese’s mission was simply ours to do and shouldn’t have a “campaign” as though it were something apart. This year we did not take three to four Sundays and talk about APA. Many of you donate directly to the parish via Online Giving and parish envelopes. Some donate via the diocesan online giving or direct-mail appeal. In the end it all goes to support of the diocese. What is the status of APA/assessment for 2019? Our assessment is $327,615. So far, we have raised $175,000 from all contributions designated for APA. If the past is prologue to the future, between end-of-year gifts to APA and monthly contributions we should add another $50-$60,000. At the end of the year we would have to “write a check” for approximately $100,000. That check will be written out of the Offertory funds. It is what is ours to do. (September 7th bulletin)

What happens if we don’t make our goal by the end of the year?

The diocese depends on us to contribute our fair share. So, come the end of the calendar year, if we fall short, we will have to make up the funds from parish savings.

Do we have the same number of parishioner households giving as in prior years?

In 2019, we had 163 families who made their APA contributions directly to the parish with another 232 households who gave through the Diocese of St. Petersburg portal. The combined number of giving households totaled 395. In a past years we have had as many as 550 households that donate.

Will we make our goal by the end of the year?

We are hopeful because the people of the parish are so generous. As we let people know about our progress, more people will contribute. We have made our goal every years since 2012!  If you have not yet made your contribution, we hope that you will take a moment and make your gift via our parish Online Giving or the Diocesan portal.

This year we have made some new opportunities for giving to APA available to you.  Our new ways for you to give to the parish include:
– APA Envelopes: These will be part of the regular parish offertory envelopes received in the mail, or you can pick one up in the back of the church and drop into the collection basket at Mass.
Online Giving: Simply select the option of “Ongoing Diocesan Support (APA)” and enter your contribution amount.
– PayPal: Click on the blue button on the right-hand side of this page (above).

As in years past, you can also give through the Diocese in the following ways:

APA Envelopes from the Diocese
All registered parishioners have received materials by USPS, including a donation envelope. In addition, there will be envelopes available at the back of the church. You can make a one-time donation or establish a monthly giving plan. You can donate using checks, cash, credit card, or a deduction from your checking account. Simply fill out the materials and drop it into the offertory basket at any Mass in the coming weekends. You can even drop it off at the Parish Office or at the Sacred Heart Gift & Book Store or simply put a stamp on it and mail it directly to the Diocese.

Online Giving via the Diocese
Through the Diocesan APA Online Giving page, you can choose a one-time donation, or set up planned giving through a series of monthly donations. You will be able to pay by credit card or have the donation deducted directly from your checking account. The diocesan portal is a new, upgraded system which will require you to create a new account or make one-time gift.

Please remember to select “Sacred Heart Parish Tampa,” as there are two other parishes with the same name in Pinellas Park and Dade City.

See Your APA Dollars at Work
How does your gift help our Diocese? Check out APA Dollars at Work for details and videos of the good accomplished in the name of Christ.