True North FAQs

I’m not sure how to fill out the Commitment Card. Can you give us an example of how it should be done?

Absolutely. Consider this example below:

Current Annual Offertory:
– $1,200 ($100/month)
Increase to Annual Offertory:
– $480 (an additional $40/month)
Contribution to APA:
– $500 (your annual one-time gift)
Increase for Our Vision:
– $480 (an additional $40/month)
Your Annual Total:
– $2,660 (annual total)

Giving $/Frequency:
– $52/week
– $222/month
– $665/quarter

How do I find out what my “Current Annual Offertory” amount is?

Please call the Parish Office at 813.229.1595 or email us, and we can tell you your giving to offertory over the last 12 months. This will not include your giving to special collections, mission appeals, or other giving for specific purposes, such as Catholic Education or the Church Restoration & Maintenance fund.

What does “Increase to Annual Offertory” mean? Is this the amount of the increase or the new giving level?

As shown in the example in the above question, we are asking for an increase, not the new level of giving.

What does “Increase for Our Vision” mean? Is this the amount of the increase designated to be set aside for the North Campus?

Yes, it is the amount you want to give to support the North Campus development. As shown in the example in the above question, we are asking for the increase in your offertory giving to support the True North vision, not the new level of giving.

Does “Contribution to APA” mean we will donate APA directly to the parish and not to the Diocese?

Yes. While we will still have our annual Diocesan Assessment, known as the Annual Pastoral Appeal, we will not run a fundraising campaign. Instead, we will collect from the parish and “pay as we go” throughout the year. Financially, there is no difference to us as a parish. It actually saves some money, but most importantly, instead of taking three to four weeks in the winter to promote, appeal, and preach about APA, we will preach the gospel instead.

How should we start giving to support the Sacred Heart True North Vision?

We would love to have you give via our Online Giving program. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to sign up. All of our different giving opportunities: Offertory, True North Vision, and Ongoing Diocesan Support (APA) are each available to in our online giving portal and easily labeled for your convenience. Sign up or adjust your current giving here.

How does giving to the parish for APA affect the Diocesan Online Giving portal? Will we no longer use it to contribute to APA?

That is correct. Once your 2018 Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) pledge is complete, you will no longer need the Diocesan online giving account for APA. Instead, consider shifting to the parish Online Giving portal and make all your giving contributions there.