Prepare Your Home for Mass

Here’s what you can do to prepare your home for the celebration of Mass via live streaming from Sacred Heart.

  • 1. Prepare a Prayer Table.
    • Use a white tablecloth
    • Set candles and a crucifix on the table.
    • Open your Bible to the gospel from today.
    • You can even symbolically place wine and bread on the table.
  • 2. Get your family ready.
    • Get dressed for church!
    • Read this great reflection on why we should get dressed up for online Mass.
  • 3. Watch our live stream of Sunday Mass.
    • Reflect on two recent blog entries from Fr. George about participating more fully during Mass:
    • Plan to watch our Online Mass live on Facebook here.
    • Or watch at a time that is most convenient to you here.
    • Invite all family members to participate with our usual responses and gestures, such as standing, sitting, and kneeling when applicable.
    • Respond to all the Mass parts, follow the readings, and sing. The readings and hymns are available here.
    • During the reception of Holy Communion by the priest, make a spiritual Communion by praying the following prayer:

My Jesus, I believe that You are in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I long for You in my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though You have already come, I embrace You and unite myself entirely to You, never permit me to be separated from You.