Being a Godparent

If you have been asked to be a godparent or sponsor, it will be your role and responsibility to help the newly baptized or confirmed lead a life in harmony with the Gospel.  One of the most effective ways to share one’s faith is through example of the way you live and practice your Catholic faith every day.

To fulfill such a task, one must not only hold the beliefs of the Catholic Church, but live by them in a visible way.

Before a letter of good standing can be issued, you should be active and involved* in the life and ministry of Sacred Heart Church. 

Being a registered parishioner is NOT the same as:
– I was married here.
– I’ve celebrated all of my sacraments here.
– I’ve had all of my children baptized here.
– My parents/grandparents went here.
– I went to Catholic school for twelve years.
– It’s a beautiful church.

*An active and involved member celebrates Eucharist with us on a weekly basis, knows other members of their “pew community,” is known by the friars, supports the parish by volunteering or ministry, and supports the parish financially.