Sacred Heart and FORMED

Sacred Heart maintains a parish-wide license with FORMED – that means, you have access to the  very best Catholic online content from more than 60 organizations to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere. With this online service, you can

  • Watch: the best in Catholic movies, children’s programming, audio dramas and books. They provide a trusted and engaging entertainment alternative in support of a Catholic lifestyle.
  • Learn: via Bible studies, sacramental prep materials, documentaries, books and audio talks from leading Catholic experts who will help you grow in understanding your faith.
What are some upcoming videos? 

While you can always browse through the extensive collection of movies, videos, programs, eBooks, and online audio – here are some new possibilities for May 2020

  • Starting in the month of May there is a brand new video series “The Search”  hosted by Chris Stefanick, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and television host who has  devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious Catholic faith.  You can learn about the series here.
  • Want something for the family and children to watch?  Browse The Saints and Heroes Collection of videos on FORMED.
How can you and your family access this great materials? 

Here is what you need to do to access the parish’s account (the way has changed since we first signed up as a parish)

  • go to
  • Click “Sign Up”
    Select “I belong to a Parish or Organization”
  • On the next screen: type in “Sacred Heart Tampa”
    The first item should be  “Sacred Heart 509 North Florida Ave Tampa”
    Click on it to select it and then click NEXT (the blue button)
  • At this point they are going to ask you to create your own account – connected to the parish subscription. So no more parish codes/passwords – you’ll be in charge!
  • And then follow the screen instructions from there