2023 Parish Survey

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” – Psalm 119:105

The Friars, Deacons, Staff, and Parish Advisory Board invite you to participate in a new, parish-wide survey, as an opportunity to reflect and review how Sacred Heart serves our faith community and the community at large. You will be asked questions about the future of the parish, and how we can add new opportunities for fellowship, collective prayer, and outreach to continue to meet the needs of our parishioners and visitors.

  • Please allow 12-15 minutes to complete the survey.
  • All registered parishioners are encouraged to participate.
    • If you have regularly attended Mass at Sacred Heart for more than three (3) months, but are not yet registered, please feel free to take part.
    • To register with Sacred Heart, click here.
  • All responses to this survey will remain anonymous.
    • Email addresses collected will not be tied to your response, and serve only to protect against duplicate submissions.

2023 Parish Survey

How often do you attend Mass at Sacred Heart?(Required)
Which Sacred Heart Mass do you attend most often?(Required)
How often do you attend Mass at another parish?(Required)
How long have you been a registered parishioner at Sacred Heart?(Required)
Do you live within our parish boundaries?(Required)
Our parish boundaries include Davis Island(s), Harbour Island, Hyde Park, Courier City, West Riverfront, Downtown, Channelside, Ridgewood Park, Riverside Heights, Tampa Heights, and South Seminole Heights. (A map can be found at sacredheartfla.org/parish-boundaries)
If you started attending Sacred Heart in the last year, what’s mainly responsible for bringing you through the doors for the first time?(Required)
Are you involved in any Ministries or Groups within the Parish?(Required)
Select all that apply.
How often do you participate in devotional activities?(Required)
(Examples: Prayer, Meditation, Bible Study)
Apart from Mass, what is the most important aspect of parish life to you?(Required)
Do you feel welcomed at Mass?(Required)
What do you look forward to hearing most from a homily?(Required)
Does the music at Mass resonate with you?(Required)
Are there any physical aspects of attending Mass that you feel could be improved?(Required)
Select all that apply.
Answers are limited to 280 characters.
Do you leave Mass feeling spiritually fed?(Required)
How likely are you to invite a friend or family member to Mass at Sacred Heart?(Required)
Have you or your family participated in Faith Formation at Sacred Heart?(Required)
Has the Faith Formation process helped you or your family grow closer to Christ?(Required)
What is one thing Sacred Heart could do to help you grow closer to Christ and the Church?(Required)
Please select the item you would want to see emphasized the most.
What do you feel is the most important aspect of parish life that we should emphasize to fulfill our Baptismal Call?(Required)
Please select the item you would want to see emphasized the most.
How easy is it to use and navigate our Parish website?(Required)
How often do you check social media?(Required)
Do you read our weekly bulletin?(Required)
How often do you check your email?(Required)
Do you read our weekly emails?(Required)
Would you be interested in receiving periodic texts from the parish regarding important updates?(Required)
Does the content in the bulletin, on the website, in our emails, or on social media provide you with the information you need from the parish?(Required)
What other types of Catholic or Christian Media do you engage with?(Required)
Select all that apply.
What type of media/information would you like to see the parish create or promote in the coming years?(Required)
Please select the item you would want to see emphasized the most.
Is there anything that prevents you from participating more fully with the Parish?(Required)
Answers are limited to 280 characters.
Do you believe Sacred Heart responds well to community needs?(Required)
Answers are limited to 560 characters.
Answers are limited to 560 characters.
Overall, do you feel your spiritual needs are being satisfied by the Sacred Heart community?(Required)
Answers are limited to 280 characters.
Addresses will not be tied to any submission, and work only to ensure repeat survey responses are not submitted.
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Questions or comments can be submitted to Rob Boelke, Manager of Communications, via email: