Our online Mass has moved! Sacred Heart now uses Vimeo to livestream our Sunday Masses.  We are continually looking for ways to improve your at home experience, and we hope you’ve found the sound and picture clearer. Please see below for a list of commonly asked questions.

Why did Sacred Heart switch to Vimeo?

We know our parishioners have enjoyed the opportunity to view our Masses in the safety of their own homes over the last several months. Since the pandemic started, we’ve been working diligently to upgrade our cameras, our lighting, our sound, and the technology we use to bring you Mass online each and every week. As more and more people have returned to the church in person, it no longer became sustainable to continue our current setup and Vimeo allows us to free up the front of the church from lights, cameras, and computer equipment.

I can’t hear the sound? Is it working?

Yes, the sound is working. When you start viewing the live Mass, you’ll need to unmute the video (simply click on “unmute” at the top, center of the video window. The sound should immediately start and you can adjust the volume as needed.

Do I need to become a member of Vimeo or subscribe?

No, you do not. The Sacred Heart livestream should play regardless of whether or not you subscribe. If you’re watching through Vimeo and continue to get prompts, try watching online via the Sacred Heart website. We livestream it on our Online Mass page here.

Can I watch the livestream Mass on my Smart TV?

Please visit the Vimeo help center to learn how you can broadcast the livestream Mass to your Smart TV.

Why hasn’t the livestream started yet?

There’s a lot that goes into bringing you Mass online, and sometimes it takes us an extra minute or two to launch the livestream. If you haven’t seen the Mass start yet, try refreshing your browser after a minute or two, and it will begin playing as soon as we’ve started.