Summer Bible Study 2020

Summer Online Bible Study
 The purpose of this six-week series is to establish a sure foundation for those who are at the beginning of their study of the Sacred Scriptures. After the sixth session will you be a biblical scholar? No – but it is our hope that you will want to continue to know more and to grow in faith. Join us online with Zoom 

Zoom/Online Bible Study Link:
Meeting ID: 861 0196 5305
Passcode: 904161

While we will send out an email each week, please note that the Zoom link is the same for all six meetings.

Some Housekeeping More than 150 people have indicated an interest in the sessions. Since this is our first foray into online Bible study, we will have presentation rather than a discussion format.
  • The session will start at 6:30 but please “join the meeting” well before that and you will join the waiting room.
  • Due to the large number of people, upon entry, all participants will be muted and we would ask you to remain so.
  • If you have a question, please use the Zoom chat feature to send a message or a question. We will have a co-host monitoring the chat stream.
  • When asking a question, please use “Everyone” rather than a private chat.
  • We want to keep the sessions to approximately 30 minutes, but if we have time we will answer some of the questions submitted via chat.
  • We are recording each session. With a day or two after the Tuesday session we will send out another Flocknote email with a link to the recording and possibly some answers to questions submitted, as well as supplemental information.