Flocknote and Your Email

Why aren’t I receiving my Flocknote emails from the Parish? I am getting the text messages without problem!

One of the great things about Flocknote is that is lets the parish know that you received the email and whether you’ve opened the email. This is especially helpful as new users begin receiving/using Flocknote. Our experience shows us that new users are receiving the emails, but they are not opened because they did not “land” in your email Inbox. Sadly, they are languishing in your Junk (or Spam) folder.

In the world of emails, Flocknote is registered with all ISP (internet service provider such as Spectrum) and major email systems (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Hotmail, Verizon, and the like).  They are a “white list” email sender that is “approved” to send lots of emails at once. So, when the parish sends out a Flocknote email it is reaching the email application/client on your local device (PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). What happens next is completely under your control.

In your email system (the general ones listed above, at an education institution (.edu), or at your place of business (.com)) you need to make sure that within your email application/client:

Every email system is slightly different

  • For Outlook here are the directions to make Flocknote.com a “safe domain”
  • For Gmail and Yahoo there is no “safe sender” list per se, just add mail@flocknote.com to your CONTACT list (or if you find a Flocknote in your junk mailbox, mark it as “Not Spam”)
  • Whatever your email, you can find “white listing” instructions here.

And sometimes, your locally installed security system is where the adjustments need to be made (e.g. MaAfee SpamKiller or Norton AntiSpam). Instructions for these two systems can also be found here at the bottom of the linked page.  For other security systems, you’ll need to explore their online instructions.

If you need more assistance, please contact the parish office: Larry Cabrera via telephone (813-229-1595)