Sacred Heart partners with Flocknote, a communication service created by Catholics for Catholic parishes. Stay connected to your parish by receiving emails or even better, texts from us! We promise never to bombard you with useless information. We only send one email/text a week, along with occasional reminders for parish events, Holy Days of Obligation, and other information to help you grow in your faith. You can also choose to receive updates from any of our ministries or parish groups.

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Please note: When you forward any Flocknote email to another person and the new recipient clicks on “My Info,” he or she will be able to view your profile on Flocknote and your associated contact information, such as your phone number. The recipient will also be able to read notes that you have received from the groups to which you belong. Therefore, we don’t recommend that you forward these emails to another person. Instead, please copy and paste the text you wish to share into a new email that you can send. Click here to learn more.