Teaching Mass


Join us Saturday, January 21st!

We Catholics attend Mass on Sundays, Holy Days, and even weekdays. We instinctively know when to stand, sit or kneel; what responses to make at different times during the Mass; and all kinds of other actions during the liturgy. But it is not always clear why we do what we do. For example, what is the meaning behind the making of the cross on our forehead, mouth, and heart before the reading of the Gospel? Why do we bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church for Mass? Why do Catholics pause at the end of the Lord’s Prayer for the priest to add his part? Why is it that sometimes we sing the “Gloria” at Sunday Mass? What is the meaning of all the actions by the priest during Mass?

There is quite a bit to keep up with. Would you like to know more about the Mass and your Catholic faith? Here’s your chance – join us this Saturday, January 21 st at 10:00 am for a “teaching Mass.” It will be an opportunity to hear questions and answers about our celebration of the Mass – and for you to ask your own questions! And one question you may have is, “Will this be a sacramental Mass?” No, it will be an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of our celebration of Mass and the Eucharist.