Parishioners Show in Droves for Successful Donation Event for Tampa Hope, JCHC

Volunteers from Sacred Heart’s Outreach Committee, Friars, and Knights of Columbus managed to thwart the rain as our latest Giving from the Heart donation drive-thru event was held last Saturday, June 11, at the North Campus. The event was organized in conjunction with Catholic Charities DOSP and Faith Community Nursing, supporting both the Tampa Hope Homeless Center and the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic.

The Judeo Christian Health Clinic provides free, quality, timely and compassionate health care to medically indigent residents of the Tampa Bay area who have no other resources for their health care needs. The Clinic, which began in 1972, serves patients who do not qualify for government funded programs and have incomes that fall just above the federal poverty level. JCHC recorded nearly 30,000 visits in 2021.

Opened last year, Tampa Hope houses over 100 local homeless in semi-permanent shelters while providing food, clothing, transportation, education, employment and benefits assistance, substance abuse and mental health counseling, basic medical care, and case management services in an effort to help reestablish permanent housing. Sacred Heart is an original partner of the facility, which is located in East Tampa.

More than 40 vehicles drove through with many car-and-truck loads of needed items, including toiletries, blankets, clothes, cleaning, office, medical and kitchen supplies, as well as monetary donations. More than 500 individual items were collected to help stock these important community resources.

Our next Giving from the Heart event will be held in August, co-sponsored by Open Doors and Sacred Heart’s Young Professionals, benefitting Saint Vincent de Paul, and Dignity for Haiti.

View the gallery below for pictures from the event: