Online Mass | First Sunday of Advent

Music and Readings for the First Sunday of Advent | December 3, 2023:

Opening Song: Advent Litany of the Word (Farrell)

Blessing of the Wreath

C.L.O.W. Dismissal (9 a.m. only): Seek Ye First G 715

Psalms 80: Bring us back, O LORD God of hosts: let your face shine forth, and we shall be saved.

(Text: Abbey Psalms & Canticles © 2010, 2018 USCCB; Music: © 2020, Philip Jakob)

Gospel Acclamation: Advent Gospel Acclamation (Wright)

Dismissal of Catechumens (10:30 a.m. Mass): Go Now In Peace G 125

Preparation of the Gifts: City of God G 857

Eucharistic Acclamations: Missa Emmanuel G 419-421

Lamb of God: Mass of New Wine (Jakob)

Communion Song: There is a Longing G 720

Dismissal: People Look East G 447