Ukraine: How Sacred Heart Parishioners Can Help

View the Ukrainian National Anthem, as played by Director of Music, Philip Jakob

(Editor’s Note: This page will be updated as diocesan & provincial initiatives are developed or occur)

As the invasion of Ukraine continues to unfold, there is a growing need for humanitarian aid within the country to supplement basic services for the people of that nation.

Donations are needed now to get such aid to the people on the ground.

Sacred Heart is taking up the call from Provincial Minister Kevin Mullen, OFM, of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, and offering a special collection to assist Franciscan Friar efforts in Ukraine, beginning on 3/12/22, and occurring during every weekend Mass for the subsequent two weeks.

In a letter to all Franciscan parishes within the Province, Fr. Mullen stated that he is “appealing on behalf of the people in the Ukraine to help them now in their time of need.” Within our Franciscan family, the brothers in the Province of St. Michael the Archangel are in grave risk in the city of Konotop, which was occupied by Russian soldiers late last week. The province has 16 friaries with 65 friars serving 54 parishes in Ukraine.

Fr. Mullen goes on to say that “all the people, all our brothers and sisters, are in need of help. We cannot not turn away our glance from them nor turn our back on them. I am asking each friar fraternity and all our ministerial sites to raise funds over the next weeks to provide some relief for the people of Ukraine.”

Holy Name Province’s Office of Development will coordinate all of the donations from their friaries and ministries, in cooperation with several groups, including Catholic Relief Services.

The friars thank you in advance for your cooperation on this crucial issue. Our prayers and our donations will make a difference. Let us be generous with both. Envelopes for the collection can be found in the pews. Checks can be made payable to “Sacred Heart Catholic Church” with “Ukrainian Collection” listed on the memo line.

For more resources on the greater Catholic and Franciscan response to the crisis in Ukraine, visit the links below: