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Family Resources for the Summer of 2020


Meet a Saint Like You” asks children to complete a brief survey about their favorite pastimes, then suggests a saint and gives a simple biography of that saint.

Catholic Kids Homilies  Age appropriate homilies for kids

Catholic Digest   Includes the Daily Mass Readings, Saint of the Day, and family activities

My Catholic Kids      Online Mass and the parts of Mass on video

Catholic Mom   Offers articles, activities, podcasts and more for your family

The Saints and Heroes Collection  Heroes of the Faith. The Stories of real-life Saints & Christian Heroes all come to life in  an animated film series. Featuring authentic role models today’s child can truly believe in.

Formed: Kids Animated Series  Videos: Brother Francis Series, Animated Bible Stories and much more

Books for Kids  A variety of inspiring books for kids and teens  

 Loyola Press Resources  Family, faith and fun- Holidays and special occasions, Praying as a family

  The Pastoral Center   Worship at home. Mass online. Preparing your home and heart


Sacred Heart Supports Hillsborough Hope

In a previous post we announced that Sacred Heart and the parish Knights of Columbus had answered the call from Catholic Charities to support the Hillsborough Hope initiative. Palm Sunday morning, Grand Knight Walt Pjetraj delivered 110 breakfast meals to the people of the encampment. How did this all come together?

Late in the week, Fr. George was contacted by Catholic Charities to see if we would be willing to commit to providing one breakfast a week to the residents of Hillsborough Hope. Fr George responded “absolutely — how many, when and where”…. and then immediately reached out to several ministries to garner support. The Knights, 90 members strong, agreed to take on the task to supply the Palm Sunday breakfast. Friday, they acquired enough for the first week and delivered it to the parish office. Later on Friday we put out the call to the parish: Palm Sunday, Hillsborough Hope and You. Saturday afternoon a small team of Knights came to the parish hall to assemble the 110 breakfast meals. Continue reading Sacred Heart Supports Hillsborough Hope

Palm Sunday, Hillsborough Hope and You

In preparation to celebrate Palm Sunday, you are invited to stop by Sacred Heart and pick up blessed palms, the day before Palm Sunday, Saturday, April 4th. Also, during this pandemic, we can’t forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. We are working with Catholic Charities to help feed the homeless in our community (read below for more details) and hope you can help us.

How can you help?  Simply bring one of the needed items listed below when you pick up your palms on

    • Saturday, April 4th, from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, at the Parish Hall (corner of E. Twiggs St. and N. Marion St.).
    • Receive blessed palm fronds from one of the friars (as you stay in your vehicle) and they will collect your donations.
    • And don’t forget to join us on Sunday for our Online Mass!

Sacred Heart has agreed to provide breakfast for one morning a week for the immediate future. Items most in need to offer this breakfast include:

  • Box of individual drink products (fruit juice, Capri Sun)
  • Box of individual breakfast bars
  • Box of individual granola bars
  • Box of individual fruit cups
  • Box of individual fruit packs
  • Box of individual snack crackers
  • Box of individual packs of Pop Tarts
  • Box of Ensure
  • Container of Lysol wipes

*To note: Please do not bring fresh fruit, perishable items, or items that require refrigeration.

Continue reading Palm Sunday, Hillsborough Hope and You

Faith Formation Update – 3/28/2020

Given the “safer-at-home” order for the City of Tampa in light of the Covid-19 virus epidemic, effective immediately, Sacred Heart Catholic church and offices are closed. As before, all public Masses and all parish events, programs, and ministry meetings have been suspended until further notice. In addition, the staff of the parish is not present in the office but is working remotely from their homes.

During this time, Sacred Heart will provide a live stream of Sunday Mass, which can be viewed here.

Know that the Franciscan Friars keep you all in prayer. Be well. Be smart. Be holy

Faith Formation in the time of Covid-19

Greetings from your
Faith Formation Team!

We hope you are your families are doing well. We are writing to inform you of some of the cancellations we’ve made to the schedule as well as connecting you to the many resources to share as a family to continue to learn in faith during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic. As of today, March 18, we are cancelling the following:

  • Faith Formation for Sundays thru April 17th
  • Family Faith thru April 17th
  • Eucharist Workshop 3
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) thru April 17th

We will continue to keep you updated as things change. Here are some websites that you and your family can use to continue to share faith at home as we navigate through these uncertain times.

Faith Formation Leadership

The Sacred Heart Faith Formation team is pleased to announce that our long-time, beloved Associate Director of Faith Formation, Maria Giral, will take over the leadership of the Sunday Morning Faith Formation and Wednesday Family Faith Formation programs as well as the Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Maria has contributed her immense talents, joy, and faith to the programs at Sacred Heart over the last three years, and has over 16 years of parochial faith formation program experience, both as a catechist and as an administrator.

Please offer Maria best wishes in this new endeavor.

The Buzz: Family Faith Formation

famfaithThe Way Its Always Been? Parishes hired children’s faith formation directors and educators who trained catechists in order to ensure that the parish could provide first-rate faith formation to their children. While this shift told families that churches care about children by having amazing programs, it also told parents that they don’t have to worry about instilling faith in their kids. The implied message is: “Send your kids to us to be formed in faith.”

But the problem is that one effect of this shift has been the erosion of the family as the place where faith formation has happened for centuries and centuries. The family should be the primary place where children learn to follow Jesus. This is consistent with what we proclaim in the Baptismal Liturgy: the parents are the child’s first and ultimately most important teacher, especially when it comes to faith formation.  Continue reading The Buzz: Family Faith Formation